Aston Martin Secures Double Top-Ten Finish at Rainy British Grand Prix Despite Challenges

July 10th, 2024, 9:15 AM

After two disappointing races in Spain and Austria, Aston Martin wrapped up the season’s first triple header with a double top-ten finish. The British Grand Prix saw Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso secure the seventh and eighth positions respectively. This surprising outcome was not without its challenges, given the rainy conditions at Silverstone.

Following a scoreless weekend in Austria, Fernando Alonso was skeptical about Aston Martin’s prospects at the British Grand Prix. “I expect the same result,” he said cynically. Yet, the green team went home on Sunday with ten new World Championship points. Both drivers made it to Q3 on Saturday and finished in the top ten in the race. The unpredictable weather provided opportunities for the team, although not everyone was thrilled about it.

“I was anything but confident, I was scared,” joked Lance Stroll afterwards. “When it starts to rain on a high-speed track like this, it becomes really tricky – you have to keep pushing and believe that you can take every turn. A bit of rain on your visor and a few treacherous wet spots on the track and you can easily lose control – and then you end up in the wall.”

‘Felt Competitive Again’

“It was definitely one of the more intense races, a bit like Canada earlier this year,” continued the 25-year-old Aston Martin driver. “I secretly wanted to finish a bit higher, but it was a good race and given the circumstances, it could have been much worse. I’m just glad I picked up some points.”

Fernando Alonso is also pleased with the result at Silverstone. “After Austria, we were able to make some adjustments,” he said. “The car felt competitive again, even though the tire changes at Silverstone were a gamble. In the end, you just need a bit of luck in such races.”

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