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Embark on a journey packed with spectacle and speed

Welcome to the heart-pounding world of Formula 1 racing, where speed, skill, and adrenaline converge on some of the most iconic tracks around the globe. The F1 Calendar is a whirlwind journey across continents, featuring a diverse array of circuits that test the limits of drivers and teams alike.

From the sun-soaked streets of Melbourne to the dazzling lights of Singapore, each race on the F1 Calendar offers a unique spectacle, steeped in history and tradition. Whether it’s the legendary corners of Monaco or the high-speed straights of Monza, every track presents its own set of challenges and opportunities, promising exhilarating racing action from start to finish.

Evolution of the longest running motorsport of the world

Throughout its storied history, the Formula 1 calendar has undergone major expansion and change as it continues to captivate fans around the world.

The inaugural Formula One World Championship race took place in 1950, the beginning of an era marked by gradual growth and change. Initially, the calendar comprised a modest 7 races. However, by the late 1960s this figure steadily increased to around 10, reflecting the sport’s burgeoning popularity and global appeal.

The 1970s witnessed a significant surge in the number of races, fuelled by heightened interest in Formula 1 and the introduction of new events in countries such as Canada and Japan. By 1980, the calendar boasted a total of 17 races, signifying a remarkable proliferation in the sport’s reach and influence.

The early 1990s heralded another period of growth, spurred in part by geopolitical shifts such as the collapse of the Soviet Union. This geopolitical realignment paved the way for the introduction of new races in emerging markets like Hungary and Russia, further diversifying the F1 Calendar. The years 2004 and 2005 saw the addition of iconic races in Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Russia, and Azerbaijan, culminating in a record-setting 21 races by 2016.

Expansion of the formula one calendar

In recent years, the popular motorsport has grown remarkably, with the current season featuring an unprecedented 23 races—the highest number in the sport’s history. This remarkable surge in size can be attributed to several factors that drive Formula 1’s global appeal.

One key factor is the popularity of Formula One on a global scale. As more and more fans in different regions embrace the sport, more and more countries want to host races, affording teams and drivers more opportunities to showcase their talents on the world stage.

The official F1 Calendar for the 2024 season features 24 Formula 1 Grands Prix across 21 countries and five continents. There are also six sprint races on the F1 calendar – a staggering 27 races in total – in addition to the Grand Prix ones.

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