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Racereport Monaco flag

  • Round: 78
    Updated:  16:57
    What a race! Daniel Ricciardo wins the Grand Prix on the streets of Monaco! Vettel takes 2nd place and Hamilton finishes 3rd! A great weekend for the Australian Red Bull driver! Definately a pay back for the Grand Prix of 2016. Next race will be the 10th of June in Montreal, Canada.
  • Round: 74
    Updated:  16:50
    Track has been cleared, Virtual safetycar is ending.
  • Round: 73
    Updated:  16:48
    Leclerc has a problem with his breaks and crashes into Hartley from behind! Leclerc has to retire and Hartley has to pit, which gives him the possibility to do his 5 second penalty. Virtual safetycar is applied.
  • Round: 69
    Updated:  16:43
    Only 10 laps to go! Current top 3 is unchanged. 1st: Ricciardo, 2nd: Vettel, 3rd: Hamilton.
  • Round: 64
    Updated:  16:36
    The gap between the race leader Ricciardo and 2nd Vettel is 1.6 seconds. With 15 laps remaining. Can Ricciardo take home the win?
  • Round: 60
    Updated:  16:31
    Max Verstappen set a new track record of 1:14.847
  • Round: 58
    Updated:  16:28
    Verstappen and Sainz collided.which forced Sainz off the track. Max takes 9th place from Sainz!
  • Round: 55
    Updated:  16:26
    Renault has ordered Carlos Sainz to let Hulkenberg pass in the battle for eight with Verstappen. Current positions 8th: Hulkenburg, 9th: Sainz 10th: Verstappen
  • Round: 53
    Updated:  16:23
    Alonso: I've lost power! He is the first to retire due to a gearbox problem!
  • Round: 48
    Updated:  16:17
    Red Bull orders Verstappen to make a pit stop. He returns to the track on the hypersoft having lost 2 places (from 9 to 11). Only Hulkenburg has not made a pitstop yet.
  • Round: 48
    Updated:  16:15
    Verstappen reports his tyres are giving up on him and he's sliding on 4 wheels. His tyres are 46 laps old.
  • Round: 41
    Updated:  16:06
    Ricciardo seems to be struggling with his pace. Current lap times are around the 1:20 while his qualification time was 1:10.810
  • Round: 37
    Updated:  16:00
    Lance stroll makes his second pit stop due to a front left puncture, his second this race!
  • Round: 32
    Updated:  15:54
    The power loss on Ricciardo's car seems to be an energy storing unit. For now his speed is enough to keep Vettel behind!
  • Round: 28
    Updated:  15:49
    Ricciardo reports on the teamradio that he's losing power! Will this be the end for Ricciardo?
  • Round: 24
    Updated:  15:43
    Hartley gets a five second penalty for speeding in the pit lane.
  • Round: 24
    Updated:  15:43
    Current top three: Daniel Ricciardo, Vettel, Hamilton and no retirements yet!
  • Round: 17
    Updated:  15:35
    Race leader Daniel Ricciardo makes his pit stop and return to the track before Vettel. In theory Ricciardo can complete the race on his just fitted ultrasofts.
  • Round: 16
    Updated:  15:33
    Brendon Hartley is now under investigation for speeding in the pit lane
  • Round: 16
    Updated:  15:33
    Sirotkin's under investigation - No futher action
  • Round: 15
    Updated:  15:32
    It looks like Ferrari is trying to pull a undercut on Daniel Ricciardo.
  • Round: 15
    Updated:  15:31
    Ricciardo sets a new track record of 1:15.562
  • Round: 13
    Updated:  15:30
    Sirotkin is again under investigation for the team working on the car during a 10 second stop and go penalty.
  • Round: 12
    Updated:  15:29
    Hamilton is the first to make a pitstop. He switches from the hypersoft to the ultrasoft tyre.
  • Round: 11
    Updated:  15:27
    Magnussen reports on the teamradio that there is a lot of debree in the hairpin.
  • Round: 10
    Updated:  15:26
    Lance stroll has a left front puncture and damaged his front wing.
  • Round: 9
    Updated:  15:24
    Hamilton complains his front tyres are starting to grain while sets a new lap record of 1:16.988
  • Round: 8
    Updated:  15:23
    Daniel Ricciardo sets new track record of 1:17.074 while Sirotkin goes into the pits for his 10 second time penalty.
  • Round: 7
    Updated:  15:21
    Sergey Sirotkin has been given a stop and go penalty for not having fitted the wheels before the 3 minute mark.
  • Round: 5
    Updated:  15:18
    Team reports back to Harley - Nothing wrong with front wing
  • Round: 4
    Updated:  15:17
    Ricciardo sets fastest lap of 1:17.180
  • Round: 3
    Updated:  15:16
    Race control reports DRS has been activated
  • Round: 2
    Updated:  15:15
    Ricciardo is still in first place. Yellow flag is applied in sector two for debree while Harley complains over the teamradio he lost his front wing.
  • Updated:  15:12
    All drivers is position and the lights are OUT!
  • Updated:  15:11
    Sirotkin is under investion for not having fitted the tyres before the 3 minute signal.
  • Updated:  15:10
    Drivers started on formation lap
  • Updated:  15:07
    Drivers are getting ready for the Grand Prix of Monaco in Monte Carlo! Only a couple of minutes left before we start on the formation lap.
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