Nico Rosberg Collaborates with Oxford University to Enhance F1 Sustainability at the British Grand Prix

July 10th, 2024, 11:30 AM

Former world champion Nico Rosberg has taken on a new role within Formula 1. Previously known for his prowess behind the wheel and his insightful analysis of his peers, the German has now launched a study into the sport’s sustainability. In collaboration with the University of Oxford, he initiated this research during the British Grand Prix.

The research primarily focuses on the impact spectators have on the environment. Rosberg aims to discover how fan transportation can be made more sustainable and how biodiversity around the circuit can be preserved. “I’m sponsoring three students at the University of Oxford,” the former Mercedes driver explained. “We used the British GP as an example to see how a race weekend can be made more sustainable.”

Nico Rosberg’s Initiative to Assess Environmental Impact of British GP

Nico Rosberg is aiming to map the environmental impact of the British GP using data from the previous edition. “Silverstone is supporting us in this,” emphasized Rosberg. “We have been given access to cameras and sensors that measure air quality.” The research also utilizes satellite images from the European Space Agency (ESA).

‘Groundbreaking Project’

“The travel of spectators is a big problem,” said Nico Rosberg. “Of the half a million spectators, most travel by car.” The 39-year-old German hopes his research will create a ‘blueprint’ for other Grands Prix. “It’s a groundbreaking project,” he proudly stated. “Everyone must do something to reduce the ecological footprint of their events.”

He himself traveled to the circuit in an electric bus last weekend. This was a surprise for the British fans, who suddenly ran into a former world champion.

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