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Racereport Spain flag

  • Round: 66
    Updated:  16:50
    Lewis Hamilton wins the Grand Prix of Barcelona! Valtteri Bottas comes in second followed by Max Verstappen! What a great race. Next race will be the 27th of May in Monaco!
  • Round: 65
    Updated:  16:47
    It looks like Vettel has given up the chase on Verstappen falling back to 3 seconds. Only one lap remaining
  • Round: 63
    Updated:  16:44
    Three laps remaining. For now the current top 5 is: Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen, Vettel and Ricciardo.
  • Round: 62
    Updated:  16:43
    Daniel Ricciardo sets new lap record of 1:18.441
  • Round: 62
    Updated:  16:43
    Carlos says reports to the team his has problems with his engine. For now his laptimes seems to be oke.
  • Round: 56
    Updated:  16:35
    Daniel Ricciardo sets new lap record of 1:19.093
  • Round: 56
    Updated:  16:35
    Dark cloud emerge above the track, do we finish the Grand Prix of Barcelona in rain?
  • Round: 52
    Updated:  16:29
    Daniel Ricciardo sets new lap record 1:19.137
  • Round: 50
    Updated:  16:26
    Current top 5: Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen, Vettel, Ricciardo
  • Round: 47
    Updated:  16:24
    Hamilton sets new lap record of 1:19.766
  • Round: 47
    Updated:  16:24
    Stoffel Vandoorne has to retire. He lost drive. He is the sixt driver to retire.
  • Round: 46
    Updated:  16:21
    Bottas sets new lap record of 1:19.944
  • Round: 44
    Updated:  16:18
    Verstappen makes a bad restart and hits a Williams in the back damaging his front wing.
  • Round: 42
    Updated:  16:15
    Vettel makes his second pitstop under the virtual safetycar and return to the track as fourth behind Verstappen.
  • Round: 41
    Updated:  16:13
    Ocon is the fourth driver that has to retire the car. Seems to be an engine issue. Virtual safety car is applied.
  • Round: 37
    Updated:  16:07
    Current top 5: Hamilton is leading the race followed by Vettel, Bottas, Verstappen and Ricciardo.
  • Round: 35
    Updated:  16:05
    Verstappen makes his pitstop and return to the track as fourth behind bottas and in front of Ricciardo.
  • Round: 34
    Updated:  16:04
    Daniel Ricciardo makes his pitstop and returns to the track behind Bottas as fifth.
  • Round: 33
    Updated:  16:02
    Both Red Bulls are the only cars in top 5 not having done a pitstop yet.
  • Round: 32
    Updated:  16:00
    Verstappen still leading the race followed by Hamilton (+0.97) and Ricciardo (+7.474)
  • Round: 29
    Updated:  15:57
    Sainz tries to overtake Ericsson fighting for 9th position and both get very close in the corner. Sainz has to lift to survive. Ericsson keeps his place.
  • Round: 28
    Updated:  15:56
    Lewis Hamilton sets a new Lap record of 1:20.131
  • Round: 26
    Updated:  15:53
    Hamilton makes his pitstop and returns to the track just after Max Verstappen who is now leading the race.
  • Round: 25
    Updated:  15:52
    Raikkonen reports to have problem with his car. Team orders him to stop car and retire.
  • Round: 25
    Updated:  15:51
    Max overtakes Raikkonen.
  • Round: 22
    Updated:  15:48
    Bottas answers to Hamilton and sets lap record of 1:20.402
  • Round: 22
    Updated:  15:47
    Lewis Hamilton sets new lap record of 1:21.157
  • Round: 21
    Updated:  15:46
    Vettel seems to have a quicker pittstop overtaking Bottas during his pitstop.
  • Round: 20
    Updated:  15:44
    Bottas is the second driver to make a pitstop fitting the medium tyre.
  • Round: 19
    Updated:  15:43
    Hamiltons tyres start to show degradation but also sets a new record 1:21..328
  • Round: 18
    Updated:  15:42
    Vettel is the first one make a pitsstop and went for the Medium Tyre.
  • Round: 15
    Updated:  15:38
    Ricciardo says over the teamradio that he has more pace than his teammate in front of him.
  • Round: 12
    Updated:  15:33
    Hamilton opens a small gap between him and Vettel (4.7 sec.)
  • Round: 10
    Updated:  15:31
    Stoffel Vandoorne gets a 5 second timepenalty for missing the border in turn 2.
  • Round: 10
    Updated:  15:31
    Hamilton sets New lap Record 1:21.386
  • Round: 8
    Updated:  15:28
    Hamilton sets fastest lap of 1:22.990
  • Round: 6
    Updated:  15:26
    Safecar ending, Lewis Hamilton will lead the restart. Incident involving Romain Grosjean will be investigated after the race.
  • Round: 1
    Updated:  15:14
    Grosjean, Gasley and Hulkenburg crashed! All three drivers are out! Safetycar is out.
  • Updated:  15:13
    Lights are out and we're off!
  • Updated:  15:10
    And we’re off with the formation lap
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