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Racereport Austria flag

  • Updated:  16:37
    Next race the Grand Prix of Great Britian on the 8th of Juli! See you next weekend!
  • Round: 71
    Updated:  16:34
    What a race! Verstappen wins the Grand Prix of Austria! Raikkonen finishes second and Vettel Third!
  • Round: 70
    Updated:  16:33
    Ferrari's are pushing hard to get to the race leader Verstappen. Current gap is 2.5 seconds. Can they get to him before the chequered flag?
  • Round: 67
    Updated:  16:29
    Raikkonen sets new fastest lap of 1:06.975
  • Round: 66
    Updated:  16:28
    5 laps remaining: current top 5: Verstappen, Raikkonen, Vettel, Grosjean, Magnussen
  • Round: 64
    Updated:  16:26
    Hamilton lost power and has to retire the car! No points for Mercedes this weekend,
  • Round: 63
    Updated:  16:25
    Raikkonen gets a message from the team: "We have no concerns anymore, you are free to push"
  • Round: 59
    Updated:  16:21
    Hamilton sets new fastest lap of 1:07.241
  • Round: 59
    Updated:  16:20
    Vettel sets fastest lap of 1:07.301
  • Round: 59
    Updated:  16:20
    Raikkonen gets close every round to the race leader Verstappen. 11 laps to go
  • Round: 57
    Updated:  16:19
    Hartley loses power steering and has to retire to the car.
  • Round: 55
    Updated:  16:16
    Hamilton sets new fastest lap of 1:07.571
  • Round: 55
    Updated:  16:16
    Ricciardo "Gearsync, Gearsync", he has to retire the car from fourth position
  • Round: 54
    Updated:  16:14
    Current top 5: Verstappen, Raikkonen, Vettel, Ricciardo, Hamilton
  • Round: 53
    Updated:  16:14
    Lewis Hamilton makes another pit stop, returns to the track just behind Ricciardo on supersoft tires.
  • Updated:  16:11
    Red Bull reports to Verstappen. Everybody is starting to save their tires. Max reponds: "I'm feeling good so no worries"
  • Round: 49
    Updated:  16:09
    Hamilton reports his tires are starting to degrade
  • Round: 47
    Updated:  16:07
    Ricciardo sets fastest lap of 1:07.591
  • Round: 47
    Updated:  16:07
    Hamilton sets another fastest lap of 1:07.923
  • Round: 46
    Updated:  16:05
    Looks like Hamilton also has to make another pit stop, tires are starting to blister.
  • Round: 43
    Updated:  16:02
    Ricciardo gets the message from his team that there are more people who are driving on blistering tires, the race is not over yet.
  • Round: 41
    Updated:  15:59
    Only drivers that have not made a pit stop yet are Hartley and Ericsson.
  • Round: 40
    Updated:  15:58
    Current Top 5: Verstappen, Raikkonen, Vettel, Hamilton, Ricciardo.
  • Round: 39
    Updated:  15:58
    Vettel overtakes Hamilton for third position.
  • Round: 39
    Updated:  15:57
    Daniel Ricciardo makes his second pit stop.
  • Round: 38
    Updated:  15:57
    Raikkonen overtakes Ricciardo for second position. Ricciardo reports his tires are getting really bad.
  • Round: 38
    Updated:  15:56
    Ricciardo and Raikkonen in fight for second position.
  • Round: 35
    Updated:  15:53
    Riccardo tells the team his left back tire is starting to look bad
  • Round: 34
    Updated:  15:52
    Carlos Sainz reports his tires are starting to blister.
  • Round: 32
    Updated:  15:49
    Hamilton reports he has the feeling he's running out of power
  • Round: 31
    Updated:  15:48
    Hamilton reports to the team he's not happy being fourth due to a team mistake
  • Round: 28
    Updated:  15:46
    Leclerc overtakes Stroll front 14th position
  • Round: 26
    Updated:  15:44
    Current top 5: Verstappen, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Vettel
  • Round: 26
    Updated:  15:43
    Vettel sets fastest lap of 1:07.989
  • Round: 25
    Updated:  15:43
    Hamilton makes his pit stop, goes for the soft tires and returns to the track just in front of Vettel
  • Round: 22
    Updated:  15:38
    Race control reports no further action will be taken on the incident between Verstappen and Raikkonen.
  • Round: 21
    Updated:  15:37
    Ricciardo sets another fastest lap of 1:08.201
  • Round: 20
    Updated:  15:36
    Raikkonen makes a mistakes and Ricciardo overtakes! Ricciardo in third position
  • Round: 18
    Updated:  15:33
    Ricciardo sets new fastest lap of 1:08.228
  • Round: 17
    Updated:  15:33
    Current top 5: Hamilton, Verstappen, Raikkonen, Ricciardo, Vettel
  • Round: 16
    Updated:  15:32
    Virtual safety car ending
  • Round: 16
    Updated:  15:31
    Red Bull and Ferrari both make a double pit stop (both drivers) during the virtual safety car
  • Round: 15
    Updated:  15:29
    Virtual safety car is applied. Drivers must decrease their speed with 40%
  • Round: 14
    Updated:  15:29
    Valtteri Bottas hydrolics fails! He has to retire the car!
  • Round: 13
    Updated:  15:27
    Raikkonen sets fastest lap of 1:08.954
  • Round: 12
    Updated:  15:26
    Nico Hulkenberg is the first car to retire, looks like he blew the engine. A lot of smoke is coming from his car
  • Round: 8
    Updated:  15:22
    Hamilton sets new fastets lap of 1:08:972
  • Round: 8
    Updated:  15:21
    Also Raikkonen reports there is a lot of debree in third corner.
  • Round: 7
    Updated:  15:20
    Hamilton sets new fastest lap of 1:09.051
  • Round: 4
    Updated:  15:16
    Current top 3: Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen
  • Round: 3
    Updated:  15:16
    DRS is enabled.
  • Round: 3
    Updated:  15:16
    Hamilton reports there is a lot of debree on the track.
  • Round: 3
    Updated:  15:15
    Hamilton sets fastest lap of 1:09.252
  • Round: 2
    Updated:  15:15
    Vandoorne makes his first pit stop
  • Round: 1
    Updated:  15:14
    Verstappen overtakes Raikkonen. Looks like Vettel has a problem with his car.
  • Updated:  15:12
    Lights are out and we're off with the Grand Prix of Austria!
  • Updated:  15:10
    We are off with the formation lap!
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